Tree Removal Services in Columbia & Sumter, SC

At Tree Works, we take tremendous pride in helping property owners keep their trees in good health. But we also know when a tree is too far gone to save and has become a danger or a nuisance to your property. If you’re dealing with dead, severely damaged or unwanted trees in Sumter or Columbia, SC, call us to have them taken care of. Our track record as a tree removal company is one that’s marked by expedience, safety and care.

Dead Tree Removal

Dead trees—whether due to disease, decay, pests or damage—quickly become a hazard if left standing. Brittle trees crack and break in storms, and falling branches or toppling trunks can put you, your family, your business and your property in danger. We approach dead tree removal with quickness and care, bringing the tree down before it has a chance to do any damage by itself.

Damaged Tree Removal

All it takes is one dangerous storm to leave your tree damaged. From high winds to lightning strikes, damaged trees are at-risk to drop branches or fall over entirely. Call us to have them removed immediately! We’re available 24 hours a day for damaged tree removal, and we’ll act fast after inclement weather or other incidents to see that your damaged trees are properly cut down before they have a chance to fall.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Not every tree that needs to come down is a dead one. As an experienced tree removal company in Sumter, SC, we’ve helped property owners bring down dangerous trees of all types, including those interfering with utilities, overhanging buildings or those impeding the growth of other trees and foliage. Our arborists always take a thorough approach to felling a tree, leaving no trace of it behind.

Need a Tree Evaluation?

Wondering if your tree can be salvaged with the right care or if it’s too far gone to save? Give Tree Works a call today at 803-883-8733 and our arborists will come out to evaluate your tree. If you need dead tree removal, we’ll get to work bringing it down safely, before it has a chance to put you or your property in danger.