Tree Services in Columbia & Sumter, SC

Whether you’ve got an old, dead tree that’s a looming hazard on your property or need someone on-site after a severe storm to break up a downed tree, make the call to Tree Works. Our tree services caters to the needs of property owners across Sumter, SC, and we’re ready to make quick work of your tree issues. From dead trees to those mangled by storms, we don’t waste time in solving your tree problems.

Dead Tree Removal

When trees die, they become brittle and weak. Sometimes, they can collapse under their own weight, crashing down on whatever’s nearby. Other times, a heavy storm is all it takes to send the tree toppling over. Avoid these types of situations and instead, call us for dead tree removal services. We’ll quickly take down your tree and make sure it’s no longer a hazard on your property.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Sumter, SC sees its fair share of inclement weather throughout the year! All it takes is one severe thunderstorm with heavy rains and high winds to put your tree at risk of falling. If it does come down, you need to act fast. Call us right away and we’ll come out to assess the situation. Our team has experience working in tight spaces, around utilities and more, and can get the storm-damaged tree removed from your property in a timely manner.

Stump Removal & Grinding

Don’t let an unsightly stump serve as your reminder of a dead or damaged tree. Our tree removal service also performs stump removal and grinding, taking your stump down below the land line so it can be covered. The stump will naturally decay under the soil, leaving no eyesore behind. It’s quicker, cheaper and easier than ripping the whole thing out, but we can do stump removal, too!

24/7 Emergency Service

A compromised tree is a danger to people and property. Call us any time, day or night, to have a tree trimmed or removed from your Sumter, South Sumter, Columbia, or Mulberry, SC property. We act fast—including after storms—to make sure the threat of a downed tree is totally removed.

Trust the Tree Experts

Tree Works is your experienced stump removal and tree removal service in Sumter, SC, and we know the importance of prompt, reliable, safely executed tree services. Don’t let a tree become a hazard or an eyesore on your property. Contact us today at 803-883-8733 to schedule service.